Why buy a bunny when you can rescue a rabbit?

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The Scottish SPCA is asking anyone thinking of buying a rabbit to consider rehoming one - like Rosie, pictured - instead.

Rosie, from the charity’s Lothians centre, is one of the SSPCA’s longest staying resident rabbits, having arrived - pregnant - over 450 days ago.

She has been left behind after her young all found new homes, and has the disease She pasturella so needs a home where there are no other rabbits not infected.

Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre Superintendent Sharon Comrie said: “Lots of people are aware that the Scottish SPCA rescues and cares for cats and dogs, but far less people know that we look after a huge number of small pets, and bunnies in particular.

“Rabbits make great pets but often they become the forgotten pet at the bottom of the garden which can lead to them becoming abused or abandoned which is why they end up in our care.

Sharon added: “We are inviting anyone who is considering getting a rabbit to come along and meet some of the bunnies in our care.

“People are also very welcome to ask our staff any questions they might have about how to provide for their rabbit’s needs.”

For further information about rehoming rabbits - and other pets - call 03000 999 999.