Winchburgh UFO in secret file stash


The last of secret MOD files on UFO sightings has been released with an incident in Winchburgh remaining unexplained.

Reports from the National Archives on Unidentified Flying Objects between 2007 and 2009 can now be viewed online, and are the last remnants of work done by the UFO department, which was closed in December 2009 as it served “no defence purpose”.

The 25 files, running to more than 4400 pages include a sighting of a “totally silent” object travelling “very slowly, in fact almost drifting” by a house in Winchburgh.

In October 2009, a local man spotted two incidents within an hour on Saturday night. The first he believed to be a helicopter, before he saw what he said was a very low flying object that was cylindrical.

The witness said that the object came from the south east flying towards Blackness and the Forth.

What made it different to other aircraft more commonly seen in the skies, was that it was totally silent, was moving very slowly, and had two red navigation lights on the body, with one on top and the other on the bottom and placed diagonally to each other.

At the time, Edinburgh Airport and the RAF were asked to investigate the sighting. Other than alien life, speculation also focussed on the object being a drone, or a man-made unmanned aircraft out of Edinburgh Airport.