Wise NHS Forth Valley campaign gets flying start

Sarah Todd and Dr Stuart Cumming kick-off the campaign
Sarah Todd and Dr Stuart Cumming kick-off the campaign

A campaign encouraging people in Forth Valley to prepare for the winter period got off to a flying start last week.

The NHS Forth Valley, Be a Wise Owl This Winter campaign took flight at the Little Critters centre in Stirling with the help of some wise winged friends.

Forth Valley pharmacist Sarah Todd and associate medical director Dr Stuart Cumming joined forces with the owls to promote the plan ahead message.

Outlined in the plan are the simple steps that people can take to keep themselves well during the winter months and also highlighted is where treatment and advice can be accessed over the festive period.

Dr Cumming stated the winter period is very busy for the NHS and it is hoped this new campaign will remind people how to look out for themselves, preserving the services for those in most critical need of help.

He said: “Winter is the time for coughs, colds, flu and tummy bugs, and a lot of the symptoms can be managed at home.

“This year GP surgeries will be closed for four days over Christmas and four days over New Year.”

Details of opening times for pharmacies across Forth Valley can be found at www.nhsforthvalley.com/winter.