Woodland decimated at curling pond

The Curling Pond in Kinneil Estate
The Curling Pond in Kinneil Estate

A row has blown up over the ‘woodland management’ plan currently being carried out by Falkirk Community Trust at a local beauty spot.

It has been claimed by one local resident who regularly walks in the area known as the ‘curling pond’ that it will take years to recover.

The Curling Pond area in Kinneil Estate

The Curling Pond area in Kinneil Estate

Jim Paton from Bo’ness claimed that work being carried out in Kinneil Estate by the Trust is ‘mis-management’ at its very worst level.

He went on to say: “I know they will call it woodland management but the area will take years to recover.

“I have no idea what the council is playing at but I am sure if this had been in Falkirk it would not have happened.”

Mr Paton also has concerns over the amount of rubbish accumulating in the immediate area around the pond, as a result of there 
being no litter bins provided.

A spokeswoman for Falkirk Community Trust said: “The work taking place at the moment is part of the long term forest plan for Kinneil Estate.

“The sustainable woodland management project started last autumn which saw the felling of some woodland containing trees which had been damaged during high winds and those which could pose a safety hazard to visitors.

“The works cause a dramatic short term change to the way the site looks but with replanting will grow into a diverse woodland area.”