Working together to stop road closure

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Bo’ness Community Council will work with its Grangemouth counterpart to fight any application to close Bo’ness Road.

Members of BCC attended the first meeting of newly-reformed Grangemouth Community Council last week and the closure of Bo’ness Road was on the agenda.

BCC convenor Madeline Hunt said: “As this affects both towns, we agreed that representatives from both community councils would meet again to have an in- depth discussion about the way forward. No doubt more meetings, including public ones, will follow.

“As yet there is no planning application lodged with Falkirk Council to close this road, but we need to be prepared for when this happens.”

The 150-metre stretch of road, which had been temporarily closed since last year, re-opened at the end of March, despite Ineos insisting it should be closed permanently due to security issues and public safety.

GCC vice convener Walter Inglis said: “We don’t know what they are planning. It’s all smoke and mirrors at the moment, but they can’t just shut a major road without prior notice.

“They have thrown the pebble in the pond and are just waiting to see how far the ripples go.”

If Ineos wanted to close the road it would have to lodge an application with Falkirk Council – something it has not yet done.

According to council planners, Ineos would need to submit an application for planning permission for a development which required the stopping up of the road.

That application would need to be accompanied by a transport assessment showing the impact of the proposed closure.

If planning permission was granted, the company could then apply for a stopping up order, which would be subject to a consultation process.

Grangemouth Community Council agreed to get in touch with Falkirk Council, requesting officers notify them as soon as Ineos lodges an application.