Wrangle over sculpture site

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Members of the Rose Lane Residents Association (RLRA) are 
“disappointed” at the City of Edinburgh Council’s handling of plans 
to install the mosaic structure at The Binks.

Moves to site the sculpture there were approved by the council’s planning committee by five votes to four without consultation with nearby residents 
despite there being previous 
objections to the proposal.

Following the objections the group behind the sculpture - Queensferry Ambition - chose to site the mosaic at the VAT Run, off Hopetoun Road.

But concerns over possible 
vandalism saw the council decide to return to the Binks site.

Association chairman Charles Fletcher, said: “The simple fact is we were never asked and, if we had been, we would have looked 
sympathetically at the plan.

‘‘Had we been asked we would have concluded there is neither historic nor present relevance 
between this structure and Queensferry.

‘‘We all sent our very well 
considered concerns to the 

‘‘We had the support of two of our local councillors, yet planning approval seems to have caught 
everyone by surprise and we are dismayed that officials have failed to see its irrelevance.

‘‘If this construction goes ahead, visitors and residents alike will be puzzled about why such a structure punctures the unique vista of the harbour and our three bridges.’’

Councillor Norman Work said: ‘‘The council did not reject the Binks application but put it on hold for reports and when it came back it was passed by committee.’’

A Queensferry Ambition spokeswoman said: ‘‘We are still looking for the best option.’’