X19 cancellation: Commuters have their say.

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Furious Bo’ness commuters are making their feelings known, about the cancellation of the X19 bus service to Edinburgh. Here are just some of their opinions. For the full story on the X19, grab a copy of today’s Journal and Gazette.

Kenny Marshall:

“I am a daily passenger on the X19 bus and I think it’s an absolute disgrace that First are proposing the cancellation of this service. The service is vital for me to get into work and everyone else who uses the service. They will effectively cripple a section of the community. If First ran a service from Bo’ness to Linlithgow early in the morning so that people could at least get the more expensive rail service (also run by First) then this might take the sting off this announcement, but they don’t. The first service to Linlithgow in the morning leaves Bo’ness at 8.55am which is useless for anyone needing to be in Edinburgh for 9am.”

Christine Keane:

“Without it how would I and many other get to and from Edinburgh. Are First Bus going to provide another service? The cost is £8.70 for a return journey – if nothing replaces this bus it would mean a journey to Liinlithgow and as a non driver this would again incur costs which in the current climate would be very difficult plus a longer travelling day.”

Duncan Paton:

“Given First appear to have a policy of isolating Bo’ness as far as services are concerned the threatened demise of this service comes as no surprise. Many years ago we were promised the moon but instead have seen services decline even more rapidly as is evidenced by the removal of evening services between Bo’ness and Linlithgow Sunday to Friday. The current X19 service is not at all satisfactory but as it’s all we have we must use it.”

Lynne Dundas:

“I use the peak buses every day and do rely entirely on them to get me to and from work, if First Bus do scrap this service then I have no idea how I am meant to travel into Edinburgh. For some reason First Bus seem to think that Bo’ness should be ignored and have been constantly letting the people of Bo’ness down by leaving us with appalling services/buses while at the same time improving the service from Linlithgow and other neighbouring towns. Of all the neighbouring towns Bo’ness has the largest population with the worst commuter service. “

Tom Ashe:

“It would appear that First Group do not want to run any services for the residents of Bo’ness. The buses break down on a regular basis and at least half of them are uncomfortable (the seats are like sitting on concrete). Promises are made to improve the service but it seems that they would rather just withdraw it.”

Alison Waterton:

“I use the bus 5 days a week, and sometimes on a Saturday. I am always on the earliest bus, as I often start work at 8am, and usually get the 5.30 home although once a week will be on the last bus. I appreciate that the first and last bus are only sparsely filled but have no doubt that those dozen or so people who are always on them are dependent on them.”

Douglas Proudfoot:

“I rely on the service to get to and from work daily. The bus is busy in fact frequently almost full on the return trip to Bo’ness from Edinburgh, I would find it extremely difficult to get to and from work particularly that they have cut back the service between Linilithgow and Bo’ness so dramatically this year. I struggle to get my head around this isn’t it Scottish and UK Government advice to act responsibly use public transport and cut down on car travel? Not easy when actions like this are being taken.”

Irvine Large:

“I mostly travel on the 7.20am and 5.30pm services and judging by the amount of people who use the X19 at these times there will be a lot of very disappointed and frustrated travellers if First Bus were to cancel this service. I have to work in Edinburgh I can’t find work in my field in the Bo’ness area and this service is a life line when you don’t have a car. With a limited bus service to Linlithgow along with the added cost and time getting there to catch other bus services or get the train, isn’t worth thinking about. Bo’ness is going through a regeneration at the moment and there is a lot being done to promote Bo’ness to companies and in comers to settle here based on the good travel services into the city. The current bus service is adequate at best, if the X19 is cancelled it would be non existent.”