Xcited by plans for our biggest gym expansion

Linlithgow Xcite extension plans are revealed by council officials
Linlithgow Xcite extension plans are revealed by council officials

Linlithgow could soon become home to the biggest Xcite gym in West Lothian after a £1 million redevelopment plan was announced.

Proposals to double its size, courtesy of a new extension, are now being considered.

If given the go-ahead, the massive gym would boast more than 160 pieces of fitness equipment.

Plans are subject to approval but, if permission is granted, work could start in early-mid 2015 with an estimated completion date in early 2016.

There are also plans to create new fitness studios, extend the cafe area, renovate the changing rooms and toilet facilities and provide additional car parking.

To minimise disruption to Xcite’s current services, the work would be staggered.

Phase one would include the extension and additional studios. Phase two would see the existing gym renovated into two studios and the renovation of changing and toilet facilities.

Xcite chief executive Robin Strang said: “This is an exciting proposal which would more than double the size of Xcite Linlithgow.

“It would greatly improve the facilities on offer for our customers.

“Linlithgow is one of our most popular facilities and we recognise the need to expand and modernise. I’m sure the changes would be warmly welcomed by customers and the local community.”

Council Leader John McGinty said: “Xcite facilities across West Lothian are seen as community hubs.

“This significant redevelopment will go a long way towards improving the facility for all customers and the local community.”