Xmas comes early for LAMP

LAMP production of White Christmas at Linlithgow Academy.
LAMP production of White Christmas at Linlithgow Academy.
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Putting on a Christmas show in October was always going to be a bold move.

But for Linlithgow Amateur Musical Productions (LAMP) the gamble on Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’ has paid off.

The band – utterly solid throughout the night – opened the first scene with a rousing overture, introducing us to army buddies Bob Wallace and Phil Davies.

Played by Ross Bain and Graeme Scott respectively, the duo form a successful song and dance act.

Backstage at a nightclub, they meet singing sister act Betty & Judy Haynes (Alison Train and Karine Stalker). Ladies man Phil immediately hits it off with blonde beauty Judy – the flirtation between them portrayed skillfully by Karine and Graeme, who impressed the audience with a complex dance routine.

Phil hatches a plan to follow the girls to an inn in Vermont – the venue of their next gig. It’s on the train journey to Vermont that we really get to see the chorus shine, with lots of strong voices coming through in the number ‘Snow’. Involving skis, furs, snowballs and an amusing skit with a snoring passenger, the scene is a nod to the talents of the director and choreographer.

At the inn in Vermont we’re introduced to some of the standout perfomers in the show. Carol Fraser who plays Martha, the fiesty concierge, has all the stage presence of a seasoned performer and you can’t fault her vocals.

The biggest cheer of the night, however, went to 11-year-old Daisy Mackie playing the inn-keeper’s granddaughter Susan.

While Scottishness occasionally came bursting into the American accents of the other cast members, Daisy’s accent was so on-point that some of the audience actually wondered if she was US-born and her rendition of ‘Let me Sing and I’m Happy’ was superb.