Your guide to the Marches

Know where, when and what is happening tomorrow (Tuesday)
Know where, when and what is happening tomorrow (Tuesday)

The running order for 
Linlithgow Marches is 
as follows:

5am – Wakening by Fluters and Drummer who parade the Burgh, the ‘Brig and Blackness

6am – Wakening by Piper and Drummer

7am – Bands play in across the Burgh

8.15am – Provost’s Breakfast in Burgh Halls and Dyer’s Breakfast in the Star and Garter

9am – Judging of decorated vehicles

10.25am – Civic Party and Dyer’s Party march to the Palace

10.35am – Return to Cross for Fencing the Court

10.45am – Presentation of trophies at Town Hall Steps

11am – Procession moves, arrives at Linlithgow Bridge by 11.35am

11.50am – Dyers arrive at the Bridge

12.30pm – Procession moves to Blackness, arrives at 1.30pm

1.50pm – March to Low Valley House

2.10pm – March to Castle Hill

2.30pm – March to Low Valley House

2.40pm – Lunch in Marquee

3.40pm – Visitation of Civic Party to Dyers

4.25pm – Leave Blackness, return to Linlithgow by 4.45pm

4.50pm – Reform at Low Port

5pm – Final Procession

5.50pm – Finale at Cross.