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Malnutrition gives food for thought

Sir, — Results UK (Linlithgow Branch) will be holding the monthly telephone conference on Tuesday, May 6, starting at 7.30pm at 26 Friars Brae.

The concern being raised is the condition known as acute malnutrition, which affects 52 million children worldwide and kills 1 million every year .

Last year the UK led the way in promoting plans to address this situation, but getting those plans onto the ground in the worst affected countries is a slow business.

Results members and those in the ‘Generation Nutrition’ movement will be pressing the UK Government to move faster on this matter.

If any reader would like to know more about this subject and take action in the form of an impassioned letter to their MP, you would be most welcome at Tuesday’s meeting.

Acute Malnourishment is the most severe type of this affliction but there are millions more children who go to bed hungry every night and suffer from wasting and stunting, conditions which affect their whole lives - opening them to disease, reducing their learning capacity and hence opportunities in later life and massively affecting the wellbeing of their wider family and even the economy of their countries. Do join us. — Yours etc.,

William Ross

Friars Brae


Sir, – Disabled people seek equal access to public transport in order to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air and everything that Scotland has to offer.

In many cases their journey is not possible or as comfortable or pleasant as it might be due to the spaces and seating provided for people with disabilities being occupied by other non disabled passengers.

It is important that other passengers recognise that there is a large number of people with disabilities that need reassurance that they can travel reliably on public transport. Some people with disabilities such as vision impairment; limited mobility including those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs and strollers, are unable to use other seats on buses and trains due to the limited space that is available. I would like to remind passengers to think about how they could assist people with disabilities whilst travelling. – Yours etc.,

Douglas Gilroy


Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance

Sir, - As a result of our previous successful show, we are now at the planning stage of our 2014 annual show on Saturday, November 29, 2014 in Linlithgow Academy, Braehead Road, Linlithgow.

In the past our members have been so grateful of your donations/vouchers. These really help to cover some of the rising costs incurred when breeding specialist birds.

As you may already know, we are a local voluntary Cage Bird Society with most of our members being of pensionable age and without your ongoing support, we would find it difficult to keep this event going.

If you can help in any way possible this year, again please send donations, however large or small, to the above address and in return we would be delighted to display your advert in our show schedule. A copy of this would then be sent to you at a later date. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to our show on the date above.

Once again, many thanks for ongoing support, we really do appreciate it.- Yours etc.,

John Baird


Linlithgow District Cage Bird Society

25 Avontoun Crescent


Sir, – The Alliance of British Drivers has invited the public to give their opinions on the way local councils create heaven or hell for drivers.

To encourage responses, the ABD is launching a prize competition – “Does Your Council Give You the Hump?”.

We were promised before the last general election that the “War on the Motorist” would be ended but many drivers feel it is still going on.

Some local authorities treat drivers with due respect. Others are too often sold on the idea that they have some kind of duty to discourage car use.

For example, instead of making proper provision for our vehicles, precious road space is reallocated under the Orwellian claim of “improving choice”. Other concerns include road conditions, parking charges and restrictions.

I hope that the competition will open many eyes to the best and worst practices and stimulate more public debate on these important issues.

For more about the competition and our new video, please visit Nominations close on August 31, 2014. – Yours etc.,

Ian Taylor,


Alliance of British Drivers

PO Box 248


M41 4BW