Passengers’ praise for Stagecoach

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Sir, - As you may know, Stagecoach Buses have launched a new 40 and 40A service into South Queensferry to and from Edinburgh and was well reported in the local media.

We have had a poor service on the 43 from First Bus for years with buses breaking down, not turning up and drivers who simply do not care.

Everytime I have emailed First Bus I have never received a reply or even an acknowledgement and in the 21st century this is diabolical. How can a business treat passengers like that?

Anyhow, I, like many others in the area, first heard that Stagecoach was going to operate a service I was concerned it would be just the same as the First Bus 43. How wrong I was, as were so many.

I appreciate that it is only in its fourth day of operation but the service is reliable.

Clean, smart, branded buses are being used and fantastic customer service is being offered.

What a huge difference to how Stagecoach used to be perceived by many - including me.

The drivers are polite, friendly and very courteous.

As the old TV adverts go - It’s such a “refreshing change” that people in South Queensferry have not been forgotten about for once.

I emailed Stagecoach to advise that I have had excellent customer service and within a few hours I received a reply from a Jamie Reid at Dunfermline depot thanking me and offering further assistance.

All of the Stagecoach drivers have been outstanding but I have to praise one young man who I now know is called Barry.

As soon as I stepped on his bus on Tuesday I was greeted with a huge smile, initial thought was he is on happy pills.

He was so enthusiastic and answered a couple of questions for me.

Well above the customer service you normally get from a bus driver.

Our daughter suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It is a hard job trying to control her on occasions and people don’t understand it.

The reason I mention this is that, whilst my wife and I were talking about Jamie Reid’s reply, she said that Stephanie (our daughter) and my wife had boarded one of the Stagecoach buses yesterday (Wednesday).

She thinks it was the driver Barry by coincidence they had as she mentioned that he had a North of England accent and his description matched the chap and also with my wife being from York she picked up on this.

Again, she said he was so friendly even going as far as speaking to our daughter directly.

You normally find that people talk to the carer of the person with the disability and ignore them, well this brought a tear to my eye knowing that Barry did the opposite and spent a minute helping our daughter.

The same was had on the return journey from Edinburgh with a Scottish driver in the afternoon.

The reason I have sent this to you is that the press always report on the bad things bus operators and drivers do.

On this occasion, it’s the opposite and most of the drivers on the Stagecoach 40 have been fantastic, especially Barry.

Any chance of a small thank you and appreciation from us all in South Queensferry as to the good job Stagecoach are doing for us so far? - Yours etc.,

George and Karen Stewart

by email

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