Rose Garden can bloom again

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Sir, It was good to read the article about the Rose Garden and the council taking heed to highlight where it is.

Too often tourists probably bypass it because they are not aware of it.

Now at least there will be signage to let people know it exists.

It has been disappointing to see the fence is still in place at the top of the grass steps but for me the Rose Garden is all about the bottom part.

It is a very inspirational corner of Linlithgow and long may it be enjoyed by many.

I would like to see some activity going on at the stone platform in the bottom part in the summer months.

I could just imagine jesters and poets and songsters congregating there and children enjoying themselves with the entertainment.

Just a thought. — Yours etc.,

Lorna Johnston

63 Preston Road


Wasting time?

Sir, It’s disappointing enough when parliamentary representatives use dog-whistle politics on hospital care in Lothian, but when it starts coming from local government servants like Councillor Beurskens, readers should wonder whether their council representatives are using their time effectively.

Councillor Beurskens at least acknowledges the common long-term problem across Scotland and the rest of the UK in recruiting specialist staff for A&E units. However, in his lengthy rant about a non-existent “threat” to St John’s Hospital there was nothing about what Councillor Beurskens was doing to improve community and anticipatory care to prevent admissions and thus mitigate the increasing demand on the workforce.

It must be really frustrating for Councillor Beurskens to see St John’s remain stubbornly open nearly seven years after he first got elected on his Save platform. So the self serving motivation for his entry to your readers’s pages is clear.

I would recommend your readers to access the regular Healthlink newspaper, available in the local library, which will confirm the long term aims of NHS Lothian to deliver its updated clinical care strategy around its four main hospital sites, including St John’s. — Yours etc.,

Bob Martin

115 Sheriffs Park


Hop thanks

Sir, With the 24th season now finished, of which four evenings were held in the Palace, I would like to express my thanks through your columns.

Firstly to all to those who attended in spite of the weather, the staff at the various venues, the Army and ATC cadets, the First Aiders, the Pipers, Members and Friends of Linlithgow Scottish Country Dance Club and the shops and other places that had posters and fliers.

The West Lothian Council for their continued financial support and to Historic Scotland for the generous use of Linlithgow Palace again.

On a personal level I would like to thank everyone for their best wishes, cards, impressive cake, prints etc and a cheque!

The Save Scotch Hop movement hopes to carry on with the dancing and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested, please telephone 01506 844 425. — Yours etc.,

John D. Carswell

Jock’s Hill