YouTube star Jon Cozart meets Susan Boyle at Party at the Palace Linlithgow

Jon Cozart with Susan Boyle at Party at the Palace
Jon Cozart with Susan Boyle at Party at the Palace

Susan Boyle spent the weekend partying at Linlithgow Palace and took some time out of boogying to meet some fans.

One of those fans was YouTube sensation Jon Cozart of Disney parody, After Ever After, fame.

He is currently in Scotland performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but managed to snap a quick picture with the Scottish legend while they were enjoying the festival on Sunday afternoon.

Susan Boyle ended up getting down with some lucky members of the audience on stage during the last song of Chic featuring Nile Rodgers set.

Cozart made his name through his online videos that have gone viral and his most popular to date is his take on the Disney Princesses and their life After Ever After.

He is appearing at Underbelly throughout the festival and said: “YouTube is nice because I get as many takes as I want, but a live audience is a different animal. I couldn’t be more excited to share my stuff with a couple hundred people a night, even if they have their tomatoes ready to throw. Plus… Scottish accents are to die for. This is every American’s dream.”