Black belt success

THE South Queensferry School of Taekwon-Do has three newly promoted first degree black belts along with promotion to second and fifth degree.

Catriona McRoberts, Conor Faherty and Phillip Baillie were all promoted to first degree after seven years training and written, theory and practical tests. Sean Wheelan was promoted to second degree after 10 years in the sport. These latest achievements now mean that the Queensferry club has 16 black belts training every week.

Former world champion and tutor Julia Cross has been promoted to fifth degree after 25 years of competing in the sport.

With Catriona McRoberts achieving black belt status it means three members of her family now have become a black belt. The others are her brother Michael and dad Colin.

IN THE BLACK: L-R Julia Cross, Phillip Baillie, Catriona McRoberts, Sean Wheelan, Conor Faherty.