Champion performances from kayak team

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LINLITHGOW Kayak Racing (LKR) paddlers did their home town proud once again at the British Sprint Kayak Championships last weekend in Nottingham.

rom experienced to novice paddlers alike, every one of them returned with very well deserved medals.

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Linlithgow Academy pupils past and present were particularly well represented. Amy Redmond (left) had the performance of the weekend when she triumphed over athletes more than a year older than her to become British Champion in the under 16 girls 200m event.

And her brother, Sean, secured the best overall performance returning with a very impressive six medals, including under 18 boys 500m British Champion K2 and a promotion to compete in men’s A division next year (the same division as Olympic Champion, Ed McKeever).

Balazs Lorincz, who recently reached the final of the Junior European Championships in Portugal, became boys’ under 18 200m British Champion, very convincingly winning the 200m event and “Henry Thelen Trophy”.

Lewis Fletcher and Balazs teamed together for an explosive, very exciting 200m K2 final and secured gold medals in the men’s B event.

Rhonwyn Smith performed excellently in all her team events, securing two British championship titles in the girls under 18 K2 and K4 500m as well as two silver medals in K2 200m and 1000m.

Emma Brockway won her first ever British championship gold medal in the girls’ under 14 500m K4 team event and certainly is one to watch for the future.

Also up and coming stars of the future are Finn Cadell and sister Skye who performed superbly, Finn winning two silver medals in boys under 14 K4 500m and 1000m and Skye taking second place in the Mini Kayak A K4 500m event. Linlithgow primary schools were also proudly represented by Matthew Kowal (Springfield Primary) and George Pennycook (Low Port Primary) in their first ever national event, securing a fabulous second place in the Mini Kayak B K2 500m team final.