Linlithgow Rose again get set for Oakley cup test

Linlithgow Rose manager Mark Bradley
Linlithgow Rose manager Mark Bradley

It was as you were for Linlithgow Rose this week as they againprepared to head to Oakley United on Scottish Junior Cup business.

The postponement of the third round tie last Saturday gave Mark Bradley’s players a day off.

But it was soon back to business as usual with the focus of preparations identical to the previous week.

Bradley said: “By the time we found out the game was off it was difficult to get somewhere to train so we just took the chance to get a bit of a rest and started our normal week on Monday.

“We’ve had the same sort of training but just a little bit more to offset missing the game on the Saturday, so everything’s pretty much the same as it was last week and the same mindset.”

The weather wiped out three-quarters of last week’s cup card, but the games that did go ahead should the perilous nature of knockout tournaments with some of the big guns struggling.

Banks O’Dee - conquerors of Rose in the senior Scottish Cup - were dumped out by Rossvale while Bonnyrigg Rose only just sneaked through at Vale of Leven.

Bradley said: “If you don’t turn up and do your job on the day you could get turned over but that’ll not be happening with us on Saturday. Everybody will be focussed and hopefully we come away with a win.

“It doesn’t matter who you are playing, you’ve got to try and get a hold of the game and dominate as much as you can.

“The game last for 90 minutes. It’s nice to try and get a few goals and win games early but Oakley will have their own idea about the game and will want to try and get a hold of it because they are at home. It’s down to us to try and combat that and take control of it quick.

“You see Bonnyrigg. They were just delighted to get through on Saturday, they had a difficult game through at Vale of Leven.

“Hopefully we can go and get a comfortable win but we’ll need to work hard for it.”