Judo club hosts youth exchange

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submitted pic

It was all high jinks last Friday when Linlithgow Judo Club held a taster session for German students from the International Youth Exchange.

The project, run by Community Youth Services, is an exchange between West Lothian and Hochsauerlandkreis in Germany, offering 14 students from each country the chance to explore Scotland’s historical, cultural and recreational hotspots.

During the hour-long session, the group of 28 youths and supporting adults were shown Judo throws, hold downs, and submissions, before trying the techniques and demonstrating in front of the group and Judo instructors. At the end of the session, students were treated to a Judo demonstration by club members Gareth Butterfield and William Walker.

Gareth said: “Having seen the advertisement for The International Youth Exchange on Facebook back in March, I felt Linlithgow Judo Club could offer something a little different for the students to do while staying locally. When I contacted the community education workers hosting the event, they were very receptive to a sport that would ‘aid team bonding and offer a new experience’. And the fact that the students were staying in the home of Linlithgow Judo Club, the Low Port Centre, was quite fitting.”

Linlithgow Judo Club train at the Low Port Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm. If your club or organisation would like a demonstration, contact Gareth Butterfield on 07831433625.