Linlithgow ladies’ winning streak maintained

170312  Livingston ladies v  linlithgow ladies hockey.
170312 Livingston ladies v linlithgow ladies hockey.
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Livingston Ladies 0

Linlithgow Ladies 6

DERBY games are always feisty affairs and this was no different as Linlithgow looked to stretch their winning run.

Livingston set out their stall early as a physical side and tried to intimidate the away team with some rather ‘robust’ challenges.

Fortunately, Linlithgow were able to rise above it and stuck to the game plan of playing simple, passing hockey and utilising their speedy wingers to attack with pace. This paid off and they went into half-time winning 3-0 after goals from Robyn Maxtone, Lindsay Cruickshank and Charlotte Snowdon.

The home side were clearly rattled and were fortunate to keep 11 players on the park as the trips and tackles kept coming.

Linlithgow responded in the best possible manner, letting their hockey do the talking. Further goals from Cruickshank and Snowdon were topped off by a short corner goal from Velicia Dovaston-Dick for the game to finish 6-0 to the guests.