Kirkliston’s Neil Spiers set for Commonwealth Games after title victory

Just champion: Neil Spiers with the silverware he won at the weekend.
Just champion: Neil Spiers with the silverware he won at the weekend.

Neil Speirs is focused on achieving fame and glory in the fast approaching Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

So it was encouraging the 35 year old Kirkliston and Scotland star did his self-confidence a power of good with a strong performance to capture the singles title at West Lothian IBC.

Speirs lined up in Monday night’s final as defending champion against his international colleague Mark Allison and showed strong sense of purpose to score a commanding 21-14 victory.

Whilst Speirs led from start to finish and edged the scoring 12 ends to 10, it was far from being one-sided.

Speirs achieved his first break carding a single followed by a three to lead 9-4 after nine ends then from 12-6 accelerated to 19 with a powerful run of 3,3,1.

Allison was far from a spent force and managed to stir up interest with a spell of 2,3,2,1 that brought him into the match at 19-14.

He had ruffled the Speirs feathers with positive, attacking play in the shape of aggressively ditching the jack for a two shot reward to 13 then bursting up a jack smothering hold of two to card a single to 14.

Allison continued to show menace with an excellent short trail to hold two shots at the next end but Speirs responded with a superb killer draw for a single.

Speirs opened end 22 with a deadly back-jack-toucher only to put it at risk when making an inviting target of it with his second delivery so was relieved when Allison’s strike only managed to wing out the second shot bowl.

Having learned his lesson Speirs produced a brilliantly judged blocker with his final bowl.

The major bonus for Speirs comes with his qualification for the 2014/15 national singles and the chance to improve on his runners-up 
effort in the 2009 final and this season’s semi-final disappointment.

The final of the junior singles saw 24 year old Calum Logan etch his name on the 
silverware for a fourth time with the Scotland cap from Kirkliston coming from behind to score a handsome 21-13 win over Ryan Duffy.

Duffy shaped up well to lead 11-8 after 15 ends and looked set to cause a surprise upset when Logan – in his own words – “fluked a single” to 9.

The ‘fluke’ was a game-changer with Logan finding a rich vein of form that included 1,1,2,3,2,2 that powered him from 9-12 to 20-12.