Ladies golf class in Linlithgow

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Kingsfield Golf Centre is launching an innovative new coaching programme for ladies interested in taking up or improving their golf game!

There won’t be a golf club or golf ball in sight but the ladies will still get a fantastic introduction to golf. Ladies initially won’t even have to go to Kingsfield Golf Centre as the free classes will be taking place in the warmth of the gym at Donaldson’s School, Preston Road, Linlithgow, on Wednesday, January 19, from 6.45pm.

The coaching will involve using the SNAG coaching system. This system allows students to learn the skills of golf through using the SNAG coaching tools, specially designed clubs and SNAG system of targeting.

The sessions will be taken by Kingsfield GC PGA professional Jane Connachan.

Ladies first tried the SNAG System at the Kingsfield Golf Centre open weekend in October last year.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player go along to the demonstration night on Wednesday, January 19, and give SNAG a go.

Register your interest by contacting Kingsfield reception on 01506 671607 or go along on the night.