Linlithgow man’s 56 mile running challenge

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At a recent relay run on the Isle of Arran one Linlithgow man decided to go one better and raced the entire 56 miles round the island.

Angus Gallie (57) of Avontoun Park is a regular runner with Linlithgow Athletics Club and this is the furthest distance Angus has ever taken on.

He said: “I have had a love affair with Arran over the years. I’ve walked around it, cycled it and tandemed it with my wife, so I thought I would run it as it was the one box I hadn’t ticked!”

Angus, an engineer at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, decided to do his run on the same day as the Round Arran relay, so he was greeted by familiar faces from the club on finishing the course in 12 hours and 15 minutes.

He added: “I was worried about the weather but surprisingly on the day it went well. I have done a few marathons but nothing as long as running round Arran - that was a big jump even for me.”

Angus also praised the support of the athletics club saying: “It’s great running with the club. There are lots of people doing crazy things and you get a lot of encouragement.”

Athletics team mate Graeme Lawson said: “Although he started out in cool conditions very early in the morning, Angus still had to run through into the intense heat of the afternoon. Keeping the body properly hydrated was just one of the challenges he faced along the way so amongst the changes of clothes, drinks and nutrition in his support vehicle was a set of scales. This allowed Angus to weigh himself and demonstrate he was not losing significant amounts of weight, which would likely have pointed towards water loss. All the planning came to fruition and the relay team were delighted to meet him as he came into Brodick, running with him for the final 200 yards to his finish point.”

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