Niamh takes rock title to Bo’ness

Niamh Alldred, Bo'ness
Niamh Alldred, Bo'ness

Bo’ness bairn, Niamh Alldred (9) wiped the floor with her rivals at her very first competition at the Scottish Youth Climbing Championships.

Taking first place, the youngster beat off strong competition in her age eight to nine category.

Niamh put up an exceptionally impressive performance on the 25-metre-high competition climbing wall at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho.

Niamh, who started her climbing career around a year ago, is not the only child in the family to climb.

Her younger sister Holly (7) is also set to follow in their mum Cathie’s footsteps having started climbing at the Ratho facility several months ago.

Neil Reid, from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland said: “We are delighted for Niamh and wish her well for the future.

“We hope she goes on to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of the sport.

“Climbing is a great way to keep fit and have immense fun at the same time and we’re seeing a lot more youngsters getting involved at every level.”