Oz-some display 
at Mains Park

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The home of Linlithgow Rugby Club is set to stage a cross between rugby and football when Australian Rules Football is staged their tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m.

Mains Park will host Edinburgh Bloods versus Glasgow Sharks when they compete in the final of the Scottish Australian Rules Football League at 2pm.

Both clubs have been playing since 2004 but instead of the usual 18-a-side teams, the Scottish game has only nine players in each side. They play four quarters which last 20 minutes.

The Edinburgh Bloods have Linlithgow based Craig Steven (37) in their side. An Australian by birth, Craig emigrated from Oz to London seven years ago where he met Linlithgow lass Fiona McDonald. They now live together in Linlithgow, where they have an 11-month old baby Ruaridh.

Craig, a planner for an engineering firm in Livingston said: ‘‘Edinburgh Bloods are favourites as we have won the last four finals. At the moment there are only three teams in Scotland, the other being Aberdeen but next year Kirkcaldy also hope to raise a squad.

‘‘Back in the 70s and 80s, the game was pretty brutal but is is a lot cleaner now but still very physical.’’

Craig said teams can only field five Australians in their side while the other four must feature at least two Scots. If you fancy watching a fast, physical game, go along to Mains Park, ball up at 2pm.