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Bellsburn BC
Bellsburn BC

Bellsburn did West Lothian proud by putting up a bold show in the final day’s play of The Co-operative Funeralcare Inter-County Top Ten.

The fact that it was a ‘glorious failure’ made the pain of defeat even more severe for Bellsburn as the West Lothian champions made a traumatic 4-4 exit on shot margin to Burnbank in the semi-finals.

The climax was truly 
dramatic with Sam Gray and Craig Yeaman defending a 
17-16 lead going into the final end and needing at least a peel to clinch a place in the final.

Bellsburn had led 12-6 and holding shots against Gerry Sullivan and Jim McCann but the lead expertly ditched the jack that led to the damaging loss of a six then counts of 1,2,1 were added to cross 16-12.

Bellsburn rallied with counts of 3,1,1 to regain the lead but faced a strong head against them when Yeaman came to play his final delivery.

The pressure on him was intense but Yeaman looked spot on to draw the game and match winner. The slightest of fades on his bowl caused it to dip inside the jack and it came to rest six inches away. To the heartbreak of Bellsburn, Yeaman’s bowl had gone two inches too far to kill the first and second shot against them, costing them an 18-17 defeat and leading to a 4-4 share of the points and match defeat by nine shots.

Scott Middlemiss had 
inspired the Bellsburn effort with a strong recovery from 4-11 to cross 15-14 then from 
17-19 added 2,1,1 to snatch a win over Michael Docherty.

Gordon Snedden, Davy 
McQueen, Eddie Caulfield and Simon Lamb played out of their skin to win 16-11 the fours. But the roof had caved in on Stuart Mackay, Jack Murphy and Alan Murphy who suffered a22-7 defeat.

Bellsburn beat Strathmiglo 6-2 in the third/fourth placeplayoff.