Wins keep alive Broncos hopes of top spot and set up Hornets showdown

Grangemouth Broncos' Fraser Thomson makes a spectacular catch
Grangemouth Broncos' Fraser Thomson makes a spectacular catch

Two good wins at Whitecross on Sunday for the Grangemouth Broncos Flag Football Club kept their hopes of taking the top spot in Scotland alive.

They beat Dunbeth Dragons 63-19 and Carnegie Steelers 56-20 to set themselves up for a trip to Crownpoint Leisure Centre in Glasgow this week to play rivals Glasgow Hornets.

It’s the final match of the season and both sides go into it with an unbeaten record.

Against Dunbeth Dragons the lack of game time after a six-week break showed and the usual quick start that has been a feature of the Broncos wins this season failed to show up.

It took an interception from Kevin Woods to kickstart the day, but by half-time Broncos were 34-6 ahead. Kevin Woods added an XP to his interception, Liam Fleming had two TDs and two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), Scott McKenzie and Callum Woods had a TD each, Fraser Thomson had two XPs and Matty Ross a hat-trick of sacks.

After the break there were two TDs each for veteran Jimmy Thomson and Luke Morrice, two XPs from Andy Brown, a two-point XP from Callum Woods and an XP from Kevin Woods guaranteed the Broncos the win. On defence, despite another couple of touchdowns from Dragons player Craig Murray, the pressure was maintained with an interception for Fraser Thomson and a sack from Daniel McGill.

Against Steelers it was business as usual. A TD and XP to Fraser Thomson on the first drive, then a safety from Ross was a good start. That was followed by a TD and an interception returned for a TD from Callum Woods, a TD from Kevin Woods, a TD and a sack for Matty Ross, three XPs for Liam Fleming and an interception for Fraser Thomson.

In the second half a TD and XP for Matty Ross, Reece Johnston’s first competitive TD and a TD on return from injury from Daniel McGill kept Broncos motoring.

Broncos head coach David Mooney said he was satisfied with the wins: “Coming out of the six week break, we were too slow to get up to speed. Maybe we were a little complacent.

“Next week we have to be on the ball right from the start if we are to beat the Hornets to the top place in Scotland.”