Bo’ness archery ace Kayleigh Ivanov needs help to keep Olympic dream alive

Reigning Scottish ladies archery champion Kayleigh Ivanov is searching for help to keep alive her dream of competing at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Thursday, 24th September 2020, 3:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th September 2020, 3:43 pm
Kayleigh Ivanov in archery action. She became the Scottish ladies champion in Glasgow last year but hasnt competed at all in 2020.

As with seemingly every other sport, archery has been decimated by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and restrictions mean Kayleigh (22) can no longer practise at her club, Balbardie Archers.

So the talented youngster and her grandad Tony, with whom she lives in Bo’ness, are appealing for someone to come forward to assist with sponsorship and providing somewhere to practise.

“We have a driveway in which you can shoot into the garage,” Tony told the Journal and Gazette.

“But it’s only a short distance and it’s not ideal for her.

“She needs access where she can shoot maybe 70m safely outdoors.

“It’s just like a lane, all she would need is a passageway 70m long in a field and she could erect a target there and shoot at it.

“As an extra as well, because it is the winter months coming up, if someone has a barn that she could shoot at least 20m in – it doesn’t have to be the whole barn. That would be fine.

“They might have a section of a barn that she could put a target up in at one end and shoot 20m.

“And it would be solely her and maybe her coach, Gilbert Jamieson, in attendance.”

During the winter season, Kayleigh would normally shoot at either Linlithgow Academy or Armadale Academy but this is no longer possible because of the restrictions in place.

She has just graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with an Honours Degree in Graphic Design but archery is still her priority in life and she needs to practise daily to maintain her high standards.

“The whole of archery across the country has just been annihilated,” Tony said.

“The competition circuit has just gone out the window.

“It’s like most sports. If you don’t practise, you’re not going to get anywhere.

“Kayleigh is used to travelling around the country and winning trophies here, there and everywhere.

“She is among the top 10 female archers in the UK.”

If you are based in the Bo’ness or Linlithgow area and would like to offer help, please phone Tony on 01506 824879.