Photo slideshow: vaulting event draws crowds to Ecclesmachan

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The inaugural international equestrian vaulting competition took place at The Scottish National Equestrian Centre, Ecclesmachan last weekend.

Vaulters from nine countries participated in the event with the international competitors borrowing horses from 
British clubs.

Picture by Gordon McBrearty

Picture by Gordon McBrearty

The multi- cultural competition saw representatives from: Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Mauritius, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and Great Britain go head to head.

The event also saw judges from all over Europe come together for the difficult job of deciding the overall winners.

Following another successful competiton, event, organiser, Jane Eccles said: “A special thanks must also go to all the horses, lungers and volunteers from the British Clubs without
whom this not have happened.”

The results for the IEVC are as follows:

A CV1 1* Competition was held on the Friday to allow competitors to achieve scores which would then enable them to compete in the CVI 2* competition on the Saturday and Sunday.

Dr Tim Watson carried out the FEI horse inspection prior to the start of the competition on the Friday. The CVI1* competition then commenced with the results as follows:

CVI1* Child Individual Female: 1. Izzy Kyle GBR (Scottish Border) 2. Kirstin Henderson GBR (Kinross) 3. Katherine Petty GBR (Scottish Borders).

CVI 1* Child Individual Male: 1. Sam Kyle, GBR (Scottish Borders) 2. Jack Wilson, GBR (Wee County) 3. Philip Max Gutsche RSA

CVI1* Junior Individual Female 1. Shannon Purves GBR (Reivers) 2. Maaike Zelvelder NED 3. Sophie Aitchison GBR (Reivers)

CVI1* Junior Male 1. Timo Gerdes GER 2. Harry Cox GBR (Wee County) 3. Duncan Lewis GBR (Kinross)

CVI1* Pas de deux: 1. Timo Gerdes, Jolina Ossenberg – Engels GER

2. Katie Hirst, Jessica Haynes GBR (English Vaulting Squad)

The CV12* competition consisted of two rounds of compulsories and freestyles and took place on Saturday and Sunday. Commentary was provided by former Miss Scotland 2012 Jennifer Reoch. The results were as follows.

CVI2* Child Individual Female: 1. Kirstin Henderson GBR (Kinross)

2. Emma Counsel GBR (Reivers)

CVI”* Child Individual Male 1. Athol Pettinger GBR (Kinross) 2. Phillip Max Gutsche RSA 3. Jack Wilson GBR (Wee County)

CVI2* Junior Individual Female 1. Hannah Young GBR (Wee County) 2. Stacey Macpherson GBR (Reivers)

CVI2* Junior Individual Male 1. Andrew McLachlan GBR (Wee County) 2. Lambert Leclezio MUS 3. Dominik Eder Aut

CVI2* Senior Individual Female 1. Joanne Eccles GBR (Wee County) 2. Hannah Eccles GBR (Wee County) 3. Celine Michel SUI

CVI2* Senior Individual Male 1. Stefan Csandl AUT 2. George Cox GBR (English Vaulting Squad)

CVI2* Junior Pas de deux: 1. Rebecca Norval, Andrew McLachlan GBR (Wee County) 2. Katie Hirst, Jessica Haynes GBR (English Vaulting Squad)

CVI2* Senior Pas de deux: 1. Joanne Eccles, Hannah Eccles GBR (Wee County) 2. Kayla Brewer, Krystle Lander AUS

CVI2* Junior Squad 1. South of Scotland Select GBR

CVI2* Senior Squad 1. Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team GBR