Sports grant scheme overhauled


applications for sports grants from West Lothian Council will be simpler in the future and there will be more money available to help sporting organisations.

The sporting grants scheme aims to support local sports clubs, athletes, volunteers and coaches to build their 
infrastructure and 
support their development.

Grants are awarded under various categories including coach education, club development, facilities, club accreditation, individual athlete grants, and scholarships.

The sporting grants scheme also accepts a

pplications for disability grants but the funding is allocated from West Lothian Trust for People with a disability.

Executive councillor for culture and leisure Dave King commented: “The new sporting grants scheme will offer larger amounts of funding which should allow clubs to have a greater impact on the health and well-being of local people.

‘‘In addition the improvements to the application form will make the scheme more accessible for clubs.”

In the last year, 14 clubs each received awards between £100 and £250 for achieving club 
accreditation and seven club development grants were awarded.

Two club development officers, employed in partnership with local rugby clubs and the Scottish Rugby Union completed 1046 school visits with a total of 14,047 pupils taking part.

The coach education grants supported 31 coaches to gain new qualifications.

Support was provided for six athletes to attend international competitions.