Bo’ness singer’s new single is a soaring success on Spotify

Bo’ness singer songwriter Ross Arthur’s latest single ‘Soar’ was streamed 11,000 times on Spotify within four days of its release last week.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 3:09 pm
Boness singer songwriter Ross Arthur, whose new single Soar was released last Friday, June 28.

The talented musician has been delighted with the response to his second single, even though his marketing ploys have not pleased everyone.

Ross (22) said: “I have employed some interesting marketing techniques. Posting links to new stories about Brexit being revoked, which take you to my music video. I couldn’t believe it got approved by Facebook!

“Most people are saying it’s genius, but I have had some bad feedback. I have got a thick skin, I can take all the haters.

“The song itself has had some pretty positive feedback. People are liking it.

“It’s just hard to get into the charts as you need 100 streams to equal a sale. So I really need people to buy the song rather than streaming it to make the charts.

“So I’m a long way off that but it’s doing better than I thought it would.”

The video for the single sees Ross singing at an abandoned hospital at East Fortune and dancing on the roof of Camera Obscura in Edinburgh with actress Ashley Sutherland. Ross said: “I didn’t know her. I asked a couple of actresses I knew but they were busy. However they recommended Ashley.

“She stepped in and was great to work with. And she co-ordinated the dance. I wanted to film at the top of the Forth Rail Bridge but they couldn’t find time to let an engineer take me up.

“I thought about McEwan Hall in Edinburgh as I have worked there, but it would have cost too much. So that’s when I thought of Camera Obscura for a date scene. The rooftop view was absolutely perfect. They let me in for an hour before it opened. It was quite rushed. We went through all the floors and just filmed what we though was fun.”

Speaking about the song itself, Ross added:“It’s about parting ways with someone. The verses are more reflective and sad. Then the chorus is bit more majestic, wanting them to go on and do well - no hard feelings.

“That song just sort of flowed out. Sometimes I sit on good guitar ideas for years and then come away with lyrics later. I think this song is reminiscent of Biffy Clyro and Ed Sheeran, maybe that’s a bit of an unusual combination but it definitely brings them to mind.”

Ross will release his debut EP in November with a headline show at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh to launch it.

He said: “It’s finished. All ready to go.

“I’m looking forward to the launch gig, I hope to sell it out.”

The next local gig for Ross is on Friday, July 19, 9pm, at the Star and Garter Hotel in Linlithgow.