Garage band which is now motoring

Kitch played their first gig to a crowd of 15,000 at Kendal Calling 2014.
Kitch played their first gig to a crowd of 15,000 at Kendal Calling 2014.

A new band formed in March this year by Bo’ness lads Daniel Johnston and Paul Band got an unexpected boost.

Music legend Tim Burgess of The Charlatans invited them to the Kendal Calling festival even though they had never played to an audience before! They have since been practicing hard in a converted garage in Polmont.

The pair who make up the band Kitch with Blair Fowler and Blair Hoggan, got themselves a van and were soon on stage alongside well-known musicians.

The group are all self-taught and their original music is written by Dan and Paul, classmates who only met properly at a party after they had left school.

Paul commented: “Dan said he was into The Smiths which was good enough for me!

‘‘It started off as a jokey thing but people started reacting to our music on Soundcloud. We were at a pub quiz when Tim Burgess sent us a tweet asking us to play at Kendal Calling.

‘‘He said he liked our music. Tim has a venue at the festival and invited us to play on his stage there.”

Singer-songwriter Burgess told the Journal and Gazette that he was surfing around the internet when he came across Kitch’s music.

He said: “They just stayed in the normal camping area and got all the people round about them to come along and watch them perform. They behaved like true professionals.”

Burgess has his own music label O Genesis so perhaps he will sign them up?

Kendal Calling began in 2006 and has in the past included names like Primal Scream. The event has raised almost £100,000 for charity over the years.

A local live date for the band is in the pipeline but details have still to be confirmed. The group also hope to record an EP.